Thursday, August 30, 2012


YAY!!! We made it to 50 likes! Now time for a giveaway!!!!!!!! Enter to win Princess Polish Strawberry Jam and a roll of striping tape! Just use the rafflecopter widget to enter!

Here are the two prizes!!!

Look at that shimmer!!!!!

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Winners will be emailed once the giveaway ends and will have 48 hours to respond!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Brand New Indie Maker!

Ladies and gentlemen!!!! Today I am bringing you a brand new indie maker Every Bit of Sparkle! Clicky clicky the link....

Anyways...onto more important matters...Introducing Polka Dot Pizazz!!

Polka Dot Pizazz is a lovely coral jelly with white matte glitter. The formula was a teensey bit thick, but I honestly think it was from the temperature change. moving from my 120 degree mailbox to my 75 degree house! This is two coats of Polka Dot Pizazz topped with one coat Color Club fast dry top coat. The glitter was very easy to get out, no sinking to the bottom or fishing required. Application was fairly even, the only issues being the temperature induced thickness. I have to say I LOVE this color.

The lovely owner of Every Bit of Sparkle dropped by my Facebook fan page and invited me to check out her shop! Since she is just getting started there were just a few polishes listed, but all looked fantastic. I knew as soon as I saw it that I needed to make this particular one mine (although I Envy You has definitely caught my attention). I placed my order on Friday, received shipping confirmation Saturday and it was waiting in my mailbox on Monday!

I was incredibly pleased with my order, and will be shopping at Every Bit of Sparkle's shop again!! Please check her store out and shop shop shop!

**This polish was purchased by myself and all reviews done are my own personal opinion**

Friday, August 10, 2012

Massive Amount of 31 Challenge Nails!

OKAY! So I am a super slacker and haven't posted these!! Ack! I did a few in the same day because I am indecisive and was trying to catch up with The Polished Fangirl! She did Gradient nails most recently, which I skipped for moment cause I need sponges to do it! Well, here we go!

Day 2! Orange Nails! Essie Bazooka with Candy Lacquer's Afro Circus on top! I keep using Afro Circus. I may be obsessed... 
Day 3/4! Yellow/Green! Nima Ultra Pro Solar Flare and Naild'It's SSSNot What You Think! So this counts for two because I forgot to do green, and this looked green in some light! Cheating, I know, but it was super awesome.
Day 5/6 (Blue/Purple)! So it is REALLY hard to see the difference, but this is half blue and half purple. Kleancolor Metallic Sapphire Kleancolor Metallic Purple with Orly Can't Be Tamed and Orly Spazmatic! I didn't really like the way this turned out...

Day 7! Black and White! China Glaze Liquid Leather and Stamped white checkered flag! I am not good at stamping on the tips of my nails....But still pretty cute!

Day 8! Metallic nails. Kleancolor Metallic Sapphire makes another appearance! This one has Kleancolor Silver Star layered on top! I have worn this combo so many times now!

Day 9! RAINBOW! Neon rainbow! Got new brushes and did some striping :-) This is Nima Ultra Pro Solar Flare, Blu Blaze, Punki Pink, and Sinful Color Summer Peach.

Day 11! Polka Dots! White base with Polka Dots!. Pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue! These are done with Kiss Stripers (no names anymore). I couldn't leave it alone and added some Fimo Fruits!! 

 Day 12 (remember I skipped 11 for the moment)! Stripes! I replicated my rainbow nails (This is Nima Ultra Pro Solar Flare, Blu Blaze, Punki Pink, and Sinful Color Summer Peach) and then added my striping tape design. I then used China Glaze Liquid Leather on top! I love this and have already gotten some compliments....Not wanting to this off at all! I love striping tape, and can't wait to use it more often.

So, I will solve this gradient dilemma but until then, thanks for reading! You are all too awesome!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

31 Day Challenge!

Okay, so I am a slacker....and need to update more frequently. So I decided to do this 30 day challenge thingy. I saw that one of the girlies I love, The Polished Fangirl is doing it!. So I am behind, but thats cool. Time to get it going! Here is the list of AWESOMENESS:

So here we go! RED NAILS!!!!!!!!!!! Essie Lollipop, with some glitter cause I can't freaking help myself. Apologies for the nubbins. I broke 3 nails, and now need to grow them back out. I need some Qtica, stat!

Added some studs because I can. Anyways. Day 1 done!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone interested in challenges like this? The Polished Fangirl and I are planning another one soon!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Almost a bad day in T-Town...

Today was a good polish day! Tried a few places (Sallys, Ulta) and found NOTHING I liked. It was pretty sad. I made a last ditch effort to save my day with a trip to Marshalls. First I found some cute sandals on sale for $10.00! And then the best discovery!!! I found a set of 2 Nicole by OPI polishes for $7.99. The pink one is Fuchsia Wife, a flakey neon pink jelly, and the second is Canadian Star which is a purple/pink shimmer. I love them both! And I got my OPI Avoplex cuticle oil and hand cream for $7.99. I love this stuff!

To make the day get even better, I got some nail mail! Today I got Candy Lacquer's Afro Circus. It is a crazy mix of multi color multi sized hex glitters!

Here is a bottle shot to show off the awesomeness of this glitter!

 I had to do paint my nails to test this out!! I love the flakey jelly. BUT it needs something underneath it. I am not a fan of visible nail line. I decided to do an accent nail with Afro Circus, and it made everything all better!
After I finished this manicure, I did my toes! Same colors but each toe had an Afro Circus party on it! I am loving these colors!! Now off to the store to show off my new shoes and pedicure♥♥

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I got some crazy fantastic nail mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today I opened the mailbox to two treasures. First, I opened piCture pOlish's Monroe and the second was Lush Lacquer's Pink Panther. I did an ants in my pants dance til I figured out which one I wanted to wear first. I swatched Pink Pather and then kept Monroe on for my NOTD. 

First we have Monroe! This picture DOES NOT do this justice. This is a maroon jelly is packed with micro holo glitter. The sparkle is unreal. I caught a glimpse in the sunlight and it was love at first sight♥

Not the best picture, but it does capture some of the glorious holo sparkle! I cannot stop staring at my nails. This color is fantastic. Granted not a summer color per se, but who can pass up such a beauty?

Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome Pink Panther to the collection! Talk about packed full of glitter. We have matte pink, white, and black glitter. These hex glitters range from small to some large white hexes!

 I paired Pink Panther with Nima Ultra Pro's Blu Blaze. The blue lets the glitter pop! I love that big hex on my middle finger. The application is good, only fishing you may do is for those mac daddy big ole hexes! Yes, the description is apt. I love the look of this. Nothing makes a manicure like matte glitter.

I love both of these polishes, they are fantastic! Lush Lacquer's Pink Panther can be purchased here. I purchased Monroe from Llarowe. The site can be found here. Both are worth every penny!

*All reviews are my personal opinions. All products have been purchased with my own money.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nail Mail!

Hello everyone!! I just wanted to post an update about some super fantastic nail mail I got!! Nothing like opening the mail box to see two packages waiting! Needless to say, I ran inside and got to polishing! My nail mail for the week included two indie polishes: Lacquer Convention's Pop Tart and nAiL'DiT's SSSNot What You Think. Also, apologies on the poor picture quality. Cell phone camera for the lose!

Obligatory bottle shots! I love the cute little labels on Pop Tart! 

Back view of Pop Tart. This polish is amazing! Pop Tart is a sheer white jelly PACKED with multi sized multi colored hex glitter! I saw this polish months ago, and when I finally had the funds, I snatched it right up!

It really makes my nails look like Pop Tarts! Because Pop Tart is so sheer, I layered it on another polish. I am not a huge fan of stark white, so for this I used Orly's Decades of Dysfunction. I used one coat of DofD and 2 of Pop Tart, finished it off with a coat of Seche Vite for the final look!

Back view of SSSNot What You Think. There is so much going on in this bottle! White and sea foam green (best description honestly) micro glitter, and multi sized and multi colored hex glitter (red, yellow, green, blue). I happened upon this entirely by accident, but knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it. 

I struggled with a color to pair this with. I finally decided on a Ross find from the other day. Its a neon green by Haute Nails. I love it because it has a blue shimmer to it and some glitter mixed in! Not bad for $1.99! 3 coats of green and one coat of SSSNot What You Think, topped with 2 coats Seche Vite. Glitter placement was a dream! No need to drag anything around!

I absolutely love these two polishes! You can find Pop Tart at Lacquer Convention's Etsy Shop here. You can find  nAiL'DiT at their Etsy shop here. These indie makers are fabulous, and produce an awesome product! 

*The above listed review are entirely based on my personal opinion and I purchased the product myself.