Friday, July 27, 2012

Almost a bad day in T-Town...

Today was a good polish day! Tried a few places (Sallys, Ulta) and found NOTHING I liked. It was pretty sad. I made a last ditch effort to save my day with a trip to Marshalls. First I found some cute sandals on sale for $10.00! And then the best discovery!!! I found a set of 2 Nicole by OPI polishes for $7.99. The pink one is Fuchsia Wife, a flakey neon pink jelly, and the second is Canadian Star which is a purple/pink shimmer. I love them both! And I got my OPI Avoplex cuticle oil and hand cream for $7.99. I love this stuff!

To make the day get even better, I got some nail mail! Today I got Candy Lacquer's Afro Circus. It is a crazy mix of multi color multi sized hex glitters!

Here is a bottle shot to show off the awesomeness of this glitter!

 I had to do paint my nails to test this out!! I love the flakey jelly. BUT it needs something underneath it. I am not a fan of visible nail line. I decided to do an accent nail with Afro Circus, and it made everything all better!
After I finished this manicure, I did my toes! Same colors but each toe had an Afro Circus party on it! I am loving these colors!! Now off to the store to show off my new shoes and pedicure♥♥

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