Monday, August 27, 2012

Brand New Indie Maker!

Ladies and gentlemen!!!! Today I am bringing you a brand new indie maker Every Bit of Sparkle! Clicky clicky the link....

Anyways...onto more important matters...Introducing Polka Dot Pizazz!!

Polka Dot Pizazz is a lovely coral jelly with white matte glitter. The formula was a teensey bit thick, but I honestly think it was from the temperature change. moving from my 120 degree mailbox to my 75 degree house! This is two coats of Polka Dot Pizazz topped with one coat Color Club fast dry top coat. The glitter was very easy to get out, no sinking to the bottom or fishing required. Application was fairly even, the only issues being the temperature induced thickness. I have to say I LOVE this color.

The lovely owner of Every Bit of Sparkle dropped by my Facebook fan page and invited me to check out her shop! Since she is just getting started there were just a few polishes listed, but all looked fantastic. I knew as soon as I saw it that I needed to make this particular one mine (although I Envy You has definitely caught my attention). I placed my order on Friday, received shipping confirmation Saturday and it was waiting in my mailbox on Monday!

I was incredibly pleased with my order, and will be shopping at Every Bit of Sparkle's shop again!! Please check her store out and shop shop shop!

**This polish was purchased by myself and all reviews done are my own personal opinion**


  1. Thanks for the amazing blog post! Sorry about the thickness. I will link it in my store :)

    1. I don't think it was your fault on the thickness!! I just checked it now that it has cooled down, and it seems perfect!